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155 Responses to Zayn Malik Quiz

  1. emily says:

    I love you so much zayn your hair is perfect never cut it off :-*

  2. emily says:

    Ii folow your twitter. All the time and I go to all your concerts

  3. Olivia says:

    You the hottest guy on the world

  4. Jadyn Malik :) says:

    I AM YOUR BIGGEST FAN IN THE WORLD!!!!! YOU ARE SO HOT YOU SHOULD EMAIL ME HAHA like that will ever happen :( but all well

  5. cameron says:

    i think your the cuttest guy and i like your voice i think it is realy great and your realy talened

  6. Hayley Louise Maik says:

    Omg Zayn Malik i’m your number1 fan and i love you your’e soo sexy and i love you too bits xxxx <3

  7. Sama Sulaiman says:

    I love u I love to sing and now one direction is my inspiration !
    Maybe not like your other fans I’m from Oman in the (gulf) I’m Muslim too

  8. emmahenhawk says:

    he is a hot one in one driecorion
    zayn is a hottie on the x fator
    louis and zayn made sex

  9. Lita tucker says:

    i love you Zayn :) your really hot in my book i got all the thing about you <3

  10. mikiya says:

    zayn this is your number 1 fan! I think you are more than just hot you are sexy and the hottiest guy in the group! so one day im gonna come back stage and meet you in person and give you a little kiss! P.S. if i were your age we would have sex!!!

  11. Mrs.malik says:

    Zayn you are really hott
    P.S. You are the only guy on earth that is hotter than Cody Simpson

  12. DJ.Malik says:

    Zayn I am your #1 fan

  13. Zhaliah says:

    hey zayn!! oh i love you so much. it seems that you are a perfect guy for me your so cute and the hottest guy i’ve ever known. i hope i’ll see you in person. i’m your biggest fan. :*

  14. kelsy says:

    im not a stolker but he is cute and ya keep sayin hes mine no he not none of yas or mines he dnt like ya so stop plz he likes parrie or watever her name is let that man have his privacy and like who he likes hats the thing bout fans ya get too crazy and expect them to like u but they not cuz u a stolkwer

    • Mrs.malik says:

      Stop hate n start motivate

    • Makenzie says:

      How about you learn how to spell? Seriously. Do you even GO to school? :/

    • chloe (tomlinson) says:

      that’s not actually true because fans are just saying that they love him and that they want him its not a problem with them saying that just because they are crazy about one direction (I am as well) and I bet one direction do love us as fans because if it wasn’t for the fans supporting them they wouldn’t be where they are now or they wouldn’t be as popular so why don’t you just stop being stupid about the fans we aren’t stalkers and you are basically calling yourself a stalker if your saying we are so shut your mouth and learn to spell!!!

    • ayana malik says:

      Girl shut up you just a hater stop hating so much.stupid!!

  15. kaykay says:

    dudes i is the biggest fan eva i made 10 out of 10 yerp.

  16. ALAA says:


  17. Zayn I love you so so so so so so so much. Word can’t describe my love for you Zayn.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  18. Camerin Doodle says:

    i love zayn

  19. KEYANA CARBIN says:

    I WILL ALWAYS LOVE U ZAYNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. KEYANA CARBIN says:


  21. KEYANA CARBIN says:

    I GOT EVERYTHING RIGHHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Malikers says:

    You Are my hottie ♥ lowee u much follow me on tweetee please elona13

  23. cecelia says:

    I love u zayn but I got a boyfriend. His name is Justin. Hes my blondie.

  24. ana says:

    you are soo awesome and so perfect. OMG lets not forget hot. I LOVE YOU ZAYN!!!! you should do a drawing for someone to mett you in person.

  25. Melissa says:

    I got all of them correct

  26. sandra says:

    I GOT THEM ALL CORRECT YAY!!!!!!!!!!??!!!

  27. roquel waters says:


  28. cassidy kraska says:

    ZAYN, I really really really love you as a fan! And I got all the questions right in the zayn malik quiz!
    I hope I see you in real life soon!

  29. Mrs.malik says:

    I LOVE you so much zany.. I got everything right so that means that I know you very good .. I wish that you knew who I am… But I guess I will see you at your concert in MEXICO..l you are very wonderful,cute,hot,amazing,smart, and very handsome….. I hope that we get to meet in real life… But I will be waiting… For that perfect day to meet you…. Because if I meet you right now I think that I would faint… Thank you…. For reading this….

  30. Mrs.malik says:

    <3 <3 :)

  31. emily says:

    i love you…………………..

  32. zayns wife!!! says:

    i love zayn Malik he is sooo cute

  33. Mrs. Malik says:

    Zayn is mine


    that beautiful guy is the best out f 1D

  35. fatimarehman says:

    oh zayn girlfriend i’m his x girlfriends see in zayn malik facts and don’t make dreams

  36. Mrs. Malik says:

    Zayn is the cutest person in one direction!!!!!!

  37. Rabeea Ahmed says:

    I got all the answers right. And we’ve quite similar features/habite. :)
    I love you Zayn. <3

  38. Latecia says:

    Zayn your my BIGGEST fan someday i hope i will meet you

  39. Cindy says:

    Zayn your so cute I love everything about you I wanna meet you so bad(:

  40. Anna thorpe says:

    I am one of zayn,s fans he is a great singer.

  41. Nanci says:

    Ahh I love u like no joke if u knew me u would be in love lol

  42. Becca says:

    Ok, girls i kno you guys r huge fans and say that he is yalls, but he is a human being just because you guys meet him doesnt mean yall can smother him. I kno im deeply in love with him too but, ive learned to step back. And yes if i met him i would want to tlk to him, but not smother him like others probably would. I respect his space. Im really sorry if i pissed all of u guys off but ya its true. You guys probably want to kick my ass now soo im going to shut up. Lol. I love this world thx for reading and maybe hopefully understanding. :).

  43. Makenzie says:

    Zayn, I am not a crazy loud fangirl. I just wanted to say, that I love your voice, and your hair. :) I wish we could meet. I know every girl says that, but if we met, I wouldn’t scream and jump you! Ha ha. I would just introduce myself, and be calm. Love you Zayn. :)

    Love, Kenzie.

    • Cinthya says:


  44. Nadia says:

    Zayn,I am not a crazy loud fangirl.I just wanted to say, I love your voice,and your hair. I wish we could meet. I know every girl says that, but if we met,I would scream, and jump u.Ha Ha.I would introduce myself,and be calm!

    Love, Nadia!+!

  45. Zara says:

    I used to be against fans and all that… but that waz before I fell for Zayn myself, now I realise that fans r not just being stupid…. they can’t help th way they feel about a guy

  46. Mersedes malik says:

    Zayn please email me my email address is


    I got 10 oout of 10

  48. Zayniac....Taz says:

    i got all of’m ryt
    i M ur nmbr 1 fan
    luv u lotzz Zayn
    i m a complete Zayniac now

  49. Astrid Carolina says:

    I love you zayn you’re the hottest guy on the words

  50. 1direction lover says:

    I got 10 out of 10

  51. ROSE says:


  52. Naveen khan says:

    I love u zayn<3<3<3<3

  53. 1direction lover says:

    i love you zayn more than anyone in the word

  54. 1direction lover says:

    I want yo be your girlfriend. everytime I see you in a photo I have a crush on you . you don’t feel what I feel for you

  55. 1direction lover says:

    nobody love zayn Malik more than me

  56. i like you but I like harry more then anyone in th word and I 10 and I now every thing about harry

  57. Isabel says:

    Okay harry is not cute at all harry is ummmmmmmm………u Morgan Marie Moore I’m talking to u harry not cute at all :-[

  58. vanessa says:


  59. zayns wife so back off says:

    I love you zayn malik with all my heart I have gone to all your concerts I haven’t missed one and im definitely going to the one this year cant wait

    • kenzie says:

      hi ur the cutest one in the band i love ur hair and i think ur the best in the band and i really want to get v.i.p tickets but there to expensive if u could send them to me that would be awesome

      • kenzie says:

        i wanna email u or skype u so send me ur phone number or skype name or email my email is kenzie.sullivan@inerlakes,org im not trying to creep u out sorry if i do

  60. kenzie says:

    hi zayn im ur biggest fan i love u

  61. Tasha says:

    I LOVE ZAYN MALIK…the real one…no fake wannabes…I wonder what perrie(I envy her) thinks of us zayniacs

  62. LAURA says:

    I love you Zayn!! Your voice is fantastic!

  63. Hey huge fan quite shy but cool wanna be best friends?

  64. lizzy says:

    hey is any one there?:)

  65. thymonyroth says:

    Zayn ! i hope that you see this comment . I’m very very love you .
    Actually, i’m not your first fan but i love you forever.
    i love your word ” be true to who you are”
    follow me in twitter. @thy monyroth
    thank my superhero

  66. joe says:

    zany I love you so much I want to do porno on you baby

  67. Amynah says:

    what is happening here, zayn is a normal boy, I am a fan but I cant be all dirty like you girls, its haram to have sex out of marriage, lol you guys make me laugh and the thing that made me like zed was his personality, ie the way I hear peeps say he’s friendly and all so yeah, wow I have nothing to write and guess what I got 10 out of 10 so boo yah

  68. Zayn I love you so much and that I wish that we become friends.

  69. somia kamal says:

    Hii zayn…hope you’re good just wanna say i love you veryyyyyy much….cuz you are just PERFECT no words to describe you and also cuz you are Muslim.iam also a Muslim.plzzz visit Pakistan

  70. Michael Cross says:

    Zayn you are a great guy. I wish I could see you in concert or in person. I have almost all of your CD’s. I wish I can sing in front of you and the rest of One Direction. The reason is cause I know that I am good at singing. you are the most

  71. tory says:

    Zayn mi bevano, eres tutto bene – para mi. Signor Malik te cassareias con migo? Diga que si!

  72. Jr. Zayn says:

    Zayn I’m your GREATEST FAN ON EARTH. Nobody likes you the way way I do. You are my idol, you are my dream. I LOVE YOUR HAIRSTYLE. I wish I would also have like that. Oncee I made it like that but mom said, I was looking a jerk. Please reply for me Zayn! Hey Zayn I’m waiting on ya, I’m waiting on ya. BTW, i forgot to tell you, I look a little bit like you only. eg, You and I have a spot on the ride side of the nose and have the starting of the left eyebrow cut. I’M YOUR GREATEST FAN ON EARTH. I LOVE YOU ZAYN. PLEASE REPLY!

  73. Jr. Zayn says:

    Zayn, I’m your GREATEST FAN ON EARTH. Nobody likes you the way way I do. You are my idol, you are my dream. I LOVE YOUR HAIRSTYLE. I wish I would also have like that. Once I made it like that but mom said, I was looking a jerk. But I protoested just fo you. Please reply for me Zayn! Hey Zayn I’m waiting on ya, I’m waiting on ya. BTW, i forgot to tell you, I look a little bit like you only. eg, You and I have a spot on the ride side of the nose and have the starting of the left eyebrow cut. I’M YOUR GREATEST FAN ON EARTH. I LOVE YOU ZAYN. PLEASE REPLY. I’ll be waiting. You can mail me.
    Looking for a reply…

  74. Aditya says:

    Hey zyan…M A FAN F URZ… I DNT HAV MCH TU SAY BUT I WANNA ASk FEW OUESTIONs, ZYAN DU U KNW HINDI?? AS U R A PAKISTANI, DU U LOV INDIANS?wch language DU U PREFER tu talk wth yur dad?? Plz ans me,,,,,, these r d few qustns fo yu frm whle Indians!! Take cre!!

  75. ............ says:


  76. Inayat says:

    Omg !!! I’m your die-hard fine , you’re just awesome from head to toe , your high notes are just so amazayn lol ily

  77. hey Zayn!!! I’ m from India, I’m a Directioner and I LOVE Zayn Malik… U are the Best Boy in the World. My prayers are always with you.. Love YOU!!!

  78. elizabeth says:

    I luv u zayn<3 u broke my heart :(

  79. Ida Aldén Johansson says:

    Älskar dig zayn Så himla mycket är ditt STÖRSTA fan<3 har nästan exakt allt med dig <3

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